Do you like colos in the garden?Color in the garden is the best
Some color
I like a solid garden
Why Cosmic do I call my hosta seedlings cosmic.

Many, many years ago when I was a young seedling myself (early into growing my hosta from seed) I was at an American Hosta Society Convention taking a break and just relaxing in the convention hotel lobby. At that time of my learning everything I could about hybridizing hosta and growing the seeds over the winter. I was talking streaked plants with anyone that would listen because I loved the streaked hosta the way they looked was wonderful to me. So I was sitting in the lobby and Herb Benedict was relaxing there as well, so I started up a conversation about streaked hosta and how I wanted to create my own different looking streakers.
 We got talking about how streaked plants were completely different from all other hosta. After asking as many questions as I could muster about hybridizing and growing seed I could tell I was losing Herb he had liking talked about this my times in his years. So he started to change the subject a little and asked what I was going to call all the new hosta that I was going to create? Well, that sure got me thinking. I started bouncing some names off of him and he let me know his ideas as to one word name to explain our love for a streaked hosta. Ideas were going back and forth, such as, dynamic, great, wild, far out, wonderful, terrific, and groovy and Far out World, Out of this World. 
Well many more ideas of names were tossed out and I was telling Herb how I wanted to name one of the streakers Hippie.  
Herb had asked me if I was going to create many different streaked hosta if I had a name in mind for them, something that I could put into their name so folks would know they were mine. A couple years later when I had a bunch of this streaked seedling I got to thinking more about names again. "Out of this World" really stuck with me these past few years, but way too long, can you see. Out of this World Hippie. Sounded great but a bit too long so I need a name, something out of this world?
A light bulb went off in my brain and it sort of just hit me to come up with something shorter than Out of this World Hippie. What I had come with was Cosmic it sounded sort of Out of this World.
Thanks for the inspiration Herb.